2016 Volkswagen E-Golf Owners Manual

2016 Volkswagen E-Golf Owners Manual – The 2016 Volkswagen e-Golf, the all-electric model of the long-running Golf hatchback, acts up a flavor of German architectural without burning up a fall of fossil energy. The current Golf was built from the learning to support electric power, so it arrives as not surprising that the e-Golf appears and believes almost identical to the relaxation of the range. You get the same packaging, overall flexibility, and driving dynamics which provide the other versions their charm.

Under the hood is the 115-horsepower electric motor that gives 83 a long way of range and 126/105 MPGe City/Road. (MPGe is the EPA’s way of measuring of how far an EV can vacation on the sum of electricity in a gallon of petrol.) A single-pace automatic transmission provides power to the entrance tires, and a lithium-ion battery pack package is mounted on the person floor. The e-Golf offers swift-demand technology that could recover a depleted battery pack to 80 % potential in only 30 moments.

2016 Volkswagen E-Golf Concept and Owners Manual

2016 Volkswagen E-Golf Concept and Owners Manual

2016 Volkswagen E-Golf Model and Price

The SE ($28,995) comes along with features like a rearview camera, warmed top seats, dual-sector automated weather conditions handle, auto wipers, and an 8-lecturer sound system with HD and satellite fm radio.

The SEL Premium ($35,595) holds an enhanced interior with leatherette furniture, menu, cruise management, and parking devices. Fast-cost ability is regular on the SEL Top quality and non-obligatory on the SE.

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2016 Volkswagen E-Golf Exterior

Like its sisters and brothers, the e-Golf is conservatively designed, but that does not indicate dowdy in such a case. The hatchback body looks clean and fully developed. Some might even think of it classic. If you are looking for the best EV that doesn’t appear to be 1, this is it. The only hints are the shuttered grille and shortage of a tailpipe, which causes a streamlined visual appeal. The e-Golf also gets exclusive Directed lighting in the front and unique tire design.

2016 Volkswagen E-Golf Interior

The no-nonsense concept holds to the on the inside, which features bright, angular shapes and nicely-described manage. Most areas are covered in gentle, adequately grained supplies. The 6.5-in. Touchscreen seen on the SE is helpful and straightforward enough to make use of, but awareness is significantly better with the 8-inch device used in the SEL Top quality. The e-Golf receives some glowing blue features as well as an electric energy show but is usually just like other Golfs inside of.

The upright, comparatively boxy body gives outstanding brain and shoulder joint place with this type. Front travelers are going to be plenty comfy on lengthy journeys, and the again believes roomy ample for a pair of total-dimension men and women. Remarkably, the electric battery package does not interfere with cargo place at all. You get a 22.8 cubic ft . of it behind the rear seat, as well as an exceptional 52.7 cubic toes along with it flattened. That is more than some small crossovers.

2016 Volkswagen E-Golf Interior and Redesign

2016 Volkswagen E-Golf Interior and Redesign

2016 Volkswagen E-Golf Driving

Featuring its electric potential and shiftless transmission, the e-Golf is remarkably smooth and peaceful on the highway. The motor is tuned to provide optimum torque at takeoff, so the e-Golf believes surprisingly peppy in town driving. Acceleration ebbs as you attain traveling rates of speed, however, not to the position exactly where you sense deprived of power. Getting up to 60 mph from standstill will take about 9.1 seconds, which is somewhat previously mentioned average on an EV within this price type.

The e-Golf features Eco and Eco driving settings that lessen horsepower from 115 to 94 and 74, respectively. These options are built to lengthen your driving range, though performance declines off of noticeably. They are very best used when you’re presently traveling at a secure speed.

2016 Volkswagen E-Golf Summary

Apart from lessened driving range, the e-Golf needs no sacrifices or frame of mind alterations for buyers generating the change to electric energy. Everything there is to adore about the standard Golf is on this page, in addition to somewhat smooth operations. It’s an indicator that lifestyle goes on after conventional fuels.

2016 Volkswagen E-Golf Owners Manual

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