2002 Volkswagen Passat Owners Manual

2002 Volkswagen Passat Owners Manual – The Volkswagen label was once symbolic of the best in the economy, the least expensive cars to purchase and operate. A whole lot changed since the unique Beetle, however. VW’s are still productive, nevertheless, they are not the cheapest cars on a good deal.

Now, with the intro of the Passat W8, Volkswagen is rivaling founded deluxe marques with a base price flirting with 40 grand. One thing that’s the exact same, however, is VW’s progressive soul. There seemed to be absolutely nothing like the Beetle, and no a single has ever produced an engine like the W8’s.

2002 Volkswagen Passat Owners Manual and Concept

2002 Volkswagen Passat Owners Manual and Concept

2002 Volkswagen Passat Model and Price

Volkswagen’s Passat is accessible in a wide range of models and costs, from $21,750 to $38,700. Two body styles are readily available, a 4-entrance sedan and a station wagon with a 39 cubic foot freight capacity.

A few engines are available: 4-cylinder turbo, V6, and W8. Front-tire drive is regular, but all-time generate is made available. Two cut-amounts are offered, GLS and GLX. Normally, you can’t purchase a lot Angeles carte, and the food selection permits only specific substitutions.

2002 Volkswagen Passat Walkaround

Passat’s styling is special, its arched rooftop and six-lighting side cup standing out between look-as well sedans. Alterations to the entrance and rear for 2002 make its avant-garde design bolder nevertheless. A new grille with chrome decorations is sharply raked and smoothly integrated into the bumper.

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2002 Volkswagen Passat Interior Features

Any person knowledgeable about Volkswagens will quickly identify the Passat’s interior as an associate of the family. The dash and seats are clearly developed and fine, harmonizing well with the exterior design. The arched hood more than the instruments echoes the roofline, and the soft contour of the dash matches the exterior page steel.

2002 Volkswagen Passat Interior and Redesign

2002 Volkswagen Passat Interior and Redesign

2002 Volkswagen Passat Driving

Passat comes in a range of models that get their personal benefits. We’ll focus on the Passat GLS with the guidebook transmission to discover how much VW you can get for under $22,000, and the Passat W8, to view what a big difference an additional $16,000 can make.

GLX comes with the new 1.8T engine. The V6 delivers more rapid acceleration than a 1.8T with an auto, but a 1.8T with the guidebook transmission is quicker than the V6 with the intelligent. If you favor an automatic transmission, we believe you are significantly better off with the V6. No great surprise, the 270-horsepower W8 eclipses them all with a reported 6.5-second dash from to 60 miles per hour.

2002 Volkswagen Passat Owners Manual

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